Why Cleaning Lint Keeps Clothes Fuzz Free

Clothes that are covered in lint when you take them out of the clothes dryer look awful and especially when it is one of your favourites because lint no matter what you do tends to cling stubbornly to your clothes no matter what you do to remove it.

Clothes dryers are supposed to remove any lint that is left over from the washing cycle do why is it that most of the time the dryer adds more instead of removing it?

We know that many of you struggle with this problem so here are some helpful hints to deal with your annoying clothes dryer lint problem:

  • Hint number one is to make sure that your clothes are at least damp when you load them into the clothes dryer. And if they have been sitting around wet for a day or two you may want to consider rewashing them before putting them into the dryer
  • Turn any dark items of clothing inside out and this will minimise the lint that can be seen when you wear the item. This also works for any maybe fuzzy or other clothes that generate a ton of lint
  • Dryer sheets are a great way to reduce the amount of lint that will attach itself to your clothing because they stop the build up of static electricity in the clothes dryer
  • Always use the dryer reccommendations on your clothes you can usually find out what this is from the label
  • Regularly clean out the lint filter, make a habit of doing this after every load because this is a guaranteed way of reducing the lint that can cling to your clothes
  • Check pockets before you dry the last thing you want is something like a shredded tissue making its way through the whole load.

Lets face it our clothes dryers are pretty important appliances especially in the colder months of the year.

We need to use them to get our clothes dry as they will never dry if we hang them outdoors. And when they get hung on racks around the place they gather all kinds of nasty household smells and need to be washed again if you don’t want to go out smelling like uncle Charlie’s cigarette.

So if you want to reduce the amount of lint that adorns you freshly washed and dried clothes follow these handy tips to make your life a little bit easier.

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