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We highly recommend front loader washing machines. They will give your washing a far cleaner finish. The main reason for this is they wash at a given temperature you set. Front load washing machines will use only a fraction of water compared to a top loader. Because of their washing action (no agitator) they are very gentle on your washing.

Door won’t open on front load washing machine

Check to see if the water has drained out if not it could be the outlet hose is blocked. The main reason usually is a blockage in the drain pump. The drain pump is located at the bottom of the washing machine on the right or left hand side usually behind a door or cover. If possible bail the water out first or place a container under the pump insert before removing to catch the water. Remove the filter and check for blockages around the pump impellor. It may also be the electric door lock has temporarily seized you can try giving the cabinet next to where the door closes a couple of good thumps with your hand if it still wont open call for a service.


We recommend washing usually at 40degree Celsius. The quality detergents have enzymes in them and they usually require a 40 degree temperature to be released from the detergent. For cotton business shirts and sheets if dirty they can be washed at a higher temperature. For pure wool we recommend 30 degree as cold water can shrink wool. We advice to check and clean the filter approximately every 4 weeks and have your machine checked and serviced at least every 2 years.

Should I have my Washing Machine Serviced?

We recommend you have your Washing Machine serviced and an electrical safety check every 2 years to keep it in good working order.