Things to Look for When Purchasing a Clothes Dryer for Your Family

What clothes dryer will suit your family? There are so many features that are attached to most clothes dryers these days that it can be difficult to know which one will suit your family the best.

Types of Clothes Dryers

When it comes to the basics there are really only two types of clothes dryers those driven by electricity and those driven by gas.

Gas tends to be a little more expensive to purchase in the first place but apparently you will recoup this difference in cost within the first year of use because the gas models cost less to run in the long term.

Before you purchase ask yourself:

1.  How frequently do I use a dryer and what sort of clothes do I usually wash?

This is the difference between a lightweight model and one that can take a beating. If you have a large family and dry on a regular basis clothes like work clothes, jeans and overalls then maybe you will need to look at a heavy-duty clothes dryer.

This will also determine the different features that you may want to have on the dryer to make life a whole lot easier and to protect your clothes.

2.  What is the environment like where the clothes dryer will be installed?

Look at the space where the clothes dryer will be installed. Is it necessary to have a lit console because it is in a dimly lit area? Consider what other features that may be useful to have that will help within the space that you will be using.

3.  The available features

  • Moisture sensors: that stop the dryer when they sense that the clothes are dry
  • Extended tumbling: allows tumbling for a maximum of three hours without heat and is designed to reduce wrinkling
  • Steam refresh: can be used on clothes forgotten in the dryer to remove wrinkles using steam
  • Favourite cycles: store your favourite cycles for one button convenience
  • Reverse tumbling: reduces clothes tangling by reversing at particular points in the cycle
  • Safety locks: stop children from accessing the clothes dryer controls
  • Removable drying racks: add to your clothes dryer when drying things like runners

4.  Types of controls

Before purchasing have a look at the controls and see if they are easy to use and reach, especially if you are the primary person to be accessing them. You will generally have a choice of the types of controls – sometimes electronics can be more expensive to replace if there is an issue.

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